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About us

Yoga wave tenerife
Yoga wave tenerife

We are a young family, with roots from France, from Germany and Kazakhstan who in their quest for peace and happiness settled down in Tenerife in the « Finca de la Felicidad ». In our formerly busy and stressing lives in the hectic worlds of finance and law in Berlin, we were not feeling fulfilled at all. Fortunately the world wide web is source for hope and concrete solutions and Ivan made time to research intensely for alternative ways of living. And step by step after 6 years of questioning, getting lost in the work routine and getting back to planning, we had a quite precise idea how we would live our dream.


Anne-Claire had been a regular yogi for 10 years and wanted more than everything to make a living out of her passion: contagious happiness in form of a body and mind exercise. She went to study in depth yoga in the Parmath Niketan ashram in India. Then she participated in additional teacher trainings back to Germany. Ivan discovered surfing in Australia and Indonesia and became addicted.The symbiosis he felt with the nature meanwhile getting some adrenaline was something he was hugely missing once back to Germany.



In the end, Tenerife was elected as the conditions were: ocean (with waves!), sun, no credit, close to our families, easy immigration, business opportunities. After a one-month stay to look for the ideal spot to live in harmony with nature but in the meantime not far from all facilities we finally found the so-long dreamt paradise! Of course, for most people, this would have remained unnoticed as it looked more like a wreck, and the amount of work to invest was immense! But we saw it had a unique potential and if we wanted it, with a lot of hard work, youtube videos and volunteers, we could manage to do something beautiful out of it!


And thus, end of 2015 with a baby belly, two light hearts and our eyes filled with stars we left the disliked city working life for our insulated countrymen building warriors adventure! It was quite a rough start, not glamping at all, but the nature was there untouched, in its purest form of beauty, and the sun rising over the ocean every morning.


2 months later we had solar hot water, electricity, and satellite internet. 5 months later, the final bathroom, the baby room ready, 8 months later the terrace was fully closed with a huge glass bay and 13 months later, we had all facilities finalized including the first yurt for volunteers.

From there the adventure continues! We never get bored and enjoy the feeling of doing everything ourselves, taking on board volunteers and guests. For those who want another kind of holiday, get rid of tensions and routine disturbance in a peaceful place, ride the yoga wave and the ocean wave, you are more than welcome!

"It was quite a rough start, not glamping at all..."

"We never get bored and enjoy the feeling of doing everything ourselves"

"After 6 years we had a precise idea how we would live our dream"

Stefan and Lena, Germany,  


January 2017

We had the most wonderful time at Claire and Johann's place. Sleeping in the Yurt was a unique experience, with an outside-camping touch and yet very nice decorated and comfortable (there is electricity and a heater). In front of the Yurt was a swing where we enjoyed the great view on Gran Canaria and the sea during the day and the stars at night. The place is quite remote on a mountain but in 20 minutes you can reach nice beaches along the south highway. We also very much enjoyed the huge garden full of various plants and trees. All in all a very nice and original experience.

Merijn, The Netherlands 


March 2017

The yurts and the finca they're on are a lovely place on earth, full of raw beauty, fruit trees, good energy and nice people. Nothing beats viewing the sunset from the dooropening of your yurt....Magic!

However, read the owners description carefully before you book. The location is quite remote, off the grid and therefore maybe not for everyone. For us it was perfect. Thank you guys for the lovely experience!

David and Claudia, Spain 


May 2017

THE BEST way to travel around Tenerife, the 4x4 is amazing, 0 problems and easy to drive. You have, camping gas,towels, water, table, chairs, everything you need if you like camping. Claire & Johann are very very friendly and helpful, they will be happy to help you. I really recomend you to try this adventure because is great, and much better and cheaper than going to hotels, you will be able to know the best places, beaches, mountains and hikings and to get up next to the sea with nobody around is unique. Thank you very much and don't hesitate to contact with them.

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