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Hatha yoga

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most ancient form of yoga. It derives from the 4000 year-old Vedas, was further defined 2000 years later in the Sutras of Patanjali, before being more practically described in the the Pradipika 600 years ago. It combines the use of our body, our mind and our breath to re-tie with a sense of harmony we all have inside ourselves and outside with the world surrounding us. In the end you can feel one with all things in and around you and enjoy a deep sensation of peace.

We will guide you step by step through this healing journey.

First the meditation part will help you dropping all traces of stress, busy thoughts and never-ending preoccupations about past or future events. You will learn to focus on present feelings, your physical senses, your breath, the delicious lightness of a relaxed mind.

Then come the breathing exercises -the « pranayama » - which will again foster this state of relaxation and well-being, and also activate your energy inside your body. Breathing consciously in different well-studied manners increases your breath capacity underused in daily life and opens more possibilities to your physical body! After a regular practice you will feel younger, stronger, fitter and more energized to start your day!

After the head and breath preparation we can take you carefully through the physical poses -the « asanas ». Your body is also an essential part when it comes to how you feel. With a clear mind and a conscious breath « ujiaye » you will discover the many postures your body can adopt and get familiar with each and every muscle and joint in a soft way. Some poses might look difficult at first sight but yoga is a very quickly rewarding practice : you will see your body growing and get stronger and more flexible than you imagine! For those of us used to work at a desk, yoga belongs to the best therapies for chronic back pain. The spine is constantly stretched, we aim at achieving more room between each vertebra, be it in a forward-, backward-, side- bend or a twist.

Of course if you have specific conditions, let us know beforehand, we will check if we can prepare special exercises adapted to your needs.

Mantrah Singing...
We do think that some traditions make sense. For example, if they make you feel happy, hopeful or improve your health. And so does the practice of singing the mantras! They are very old prayers sung the same way through the centuries. You can address them to whomever you like. For us it is more a way to look for inner strength to improve ourselves and reaffirm the path we want to follow. There is no need to attach it to a religion. Also it is a beautiful sound which might help you to quiet the mind and stabilize and deepen the breath.


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