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Fly yoga

Fly yoga

Fly Yoga is a more modern type of yoga where you defy the rules of gravity! We use a piece of material hanging from the roof. It looks a bit like a « hammock ». In the yoga hammock, you can reproduce most of the traditional yoga poses but with the difference that you might be hanging in the air with one foot, one hand or the whole body. It adds quite a bit of fun and the first time I tried I really felt like a child hanging up side down from the tree! For some asana variations, you have to engage more muscles to keep the balance in a swinging support. Also, it is the best way to give a unequalled stretch to your spine as you can hang upside down from the hips, head in the air and feel the gravity pulling each vertebra towards the floor.

We have 5 fly yoga hammocks in our shala so feel free to register for a group or private initiation class!


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