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Healthy food


Hmm spinach cheese quiche is just delicious! You can make the doughyourself with flour and butterin same quantities. Then you mix the spinach, the courgette , aubergine and tomatoes together. After that you add 3 tablespoons of flax seed  with some avocado, pepper and salt … 40 minutes in the oven and then… Bon appétit!

A yummy recipe...and so easy to make! 

First, slice pre cooked beetroot thinly. Then smash some avocado and spice it up with some lemon juice, thinly chopped tomatoes, red onion and salt & pepper. Slice the tofu and fry it in hot oil on both sides. Then add some soy sauce. 

And then start your artwork! One slice of beetroot, one slice of tofu, some guacamole and again and again. And then.. Enjoy this fresh summer recipe! 

Tofu tower

Lemon Choco Pie

For the dough, mix 150g biscuits with 100g melt butter until the mix becomes smooth. For the lemon cream, pick 4 ripe lemons, take the zest of two and juice all of them. Mix 3 table spoons of grinded flax seed or chia meal 125g of raw sugar, 1 spoon of maïzena and the lemon juice and zest. Put on a very low fire and mix while heating up until it becomes thicker (about 5 minutes). Spread the cream on the dough. And now comes the chocolate frosting...Melt slowly one dark chocolate bar with 30ml soy milk and add a pinch of ground cayenne pepper for a spicy touch! Spread over the lemon cream... Once cooled down, keep in the fridge!

Healthy food

Vegan nutrition is associated with a higher consumption of fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and E, magnesium, unsaturated fat, and countless phytochemicals. This often results in vegan having lower cholesterol, being thinner and having lower blood pressure. At Yoga Wave Tenerife, we offer during our retreats delicious vegan meals to make sure our guests enjoy eating and get the health benefits out of it! Check some of our recipes above.​

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