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Eternal summer... that is how people are used to describe Tenerife. Lucky island and lucky you who decided to visit this unique heaven on earth ! If you wish for an alternative way of traveling, far from the tourists factories and personally shaped for « breakaway » and « feel good escape », then you landed right with Yoga Wave Tenerife! We offer an atypical lodging in our sustainable off-the-grid resort 20 minutes from the beach.


Currently you can already chose between 3 modernly revisited yurts:

  • Two-person oriental yurt inspired by kazakh interior design where the resort owner comes from.

  • Three-person marine yurt to incense you with a fresh salty wind of sea holiday feeling.. 

  • Four-person tropical yurt reflecting our vision of a beach paradise.. but on a beautiful Canarian terraced mountain!

       They all have independent bathrooms and little gas stoves. You can use the shared kitchen for special cooking.


More recently with Yoga Wave you can stay mobile during the whole holiday and ride the Bella Vida to wake up every morning on a different beach! Soon we will open a family cavehouse escape for more vibes from the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the island.

We will keep you posted!


Click on each picture for more detailed information.

Tropical yurt

Carribean feeling in the mountains

Oriental yurt

Welcoming cozy room overhanging the hill for best sunrises 

Marine yurt

Relaxation in Greek colours


"La Bella Vida"

Every day happy on a different exceptional beach

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