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At first glance yoga makes your body happy. For me this is the first step to happiness! Already with the first class some students can experience it as the vibe of happiness radiate all around from their bodies to their inner self to their entourage.. If your physical condition is damaged, yoga might not be a cure but definitely can positively impact your physical and mental well-being. With regular practice you will experience new levels in yoga, not only you know better your body but also what’s going on in your head. Of course, it is a long way before you learn to settle peace in your mind, to reduce stress and grief! However the trip is already worth the experience and full of achievements and teachings.


Feel warmly welcome in our sustainable resort to give it a try or a stopover on your cruise to well-being and happiness!


Yin yoga

Ying yoga is a passive calm and slow type of Yoga.

Fly yoga

Fly yoga is modern kind of yoga where you defy the rules of yoga. 

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the most ancient kind of yoga.

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